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What is Flakware?

Flakware is a way of life. An honest and true service with no exceptions.

Flak is a word that originated in WWII formed from the German word for their anti-aircraft cannons: Fliegerabwehrkanone. In modern usage the term 'flak' has come to describe a period of intense criticism as a metaphor derived from the intense clouds of shrapnel that the German flak cannons produced.

The word 'flak' together with the suffix '-ware' describes a form of service or product that may be put under great scrutiny and be found sufficient. The driving force behind this ideal is to provide services and products that meet the users demands without exception.

Flakware comes with no strings attached, no hidden clauses and no fine print. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you ask for.

We aim to provide services and products that first and foremost meet the users demands and secondly do so efficiently and succinctly.